Elephant Rave (2008)

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Elephant Rave is the birth of the Blue Elephant.  I had the idea to produce the elephant character after an internet argument erupted on my personal website.  I posted the word "ELEPHANT" and suddenly all the tension was broken.  It was a weird moment, an entire flame-war dissolved by a single word.  The website thought I had a thing for elephants.  I like elephants, so I backed it up with a game.

During a playoff basketball game on television I was bored.  I opened up my 13" computer and started a very small game (I worked with the game on-screen the entire time, and since the screen wasn't huge I didn't have a lot of space).  After about 4 hours Elephant Rave was born.  It was way silly and different than anything I made before, and soon became a trademark style that resonates through everything I do.

Elephant Rave was picked up by news organizations like Joystiq and reached success on sites like Kongregate and Newgrounds.  It was a weird project with an even weirder response.

The game wasn't originally supposed to be a rhythm game.  It just magically lined up with the music that was picked for the game.  Total accident.

Programming: John
Art: John
Music: I'm a Raver by ZeRo-BaSs
Produced by: Armor Games